I'm pretty sure this is where I'm supposed to give you my full life story and why I love taking pictures and hanging out with wonderful couples and seniors, but instead I'm just going to tell you about some random things I did today because that's more fun.


I suppose I should probably stick to professional photos since this is a professional photography website and all...but whatever. Instead of showing you all the curated moments that you can find anywhere else on this sight, I'm just going to show you some random pictures I found on my phone.


Scroll and enjoy! 







I woke up to a kiss from Davis (my husband) and immediately went back to sleep. I am NOT a morning person, so I read my Bible in bed and didn't really get going until 8:40. 

Davis wakes up at 6:00 AM every morning. We're pretty much opposites in every way.



Hello! Thanks for swinging by!


on my phone

Speaking of not being a morning person, this was just before a sunrise shoot. It was 26 degrees outside, and I only packed summer clothes, so I wore two of Davis's shirts and capris with high socks. #fashionblogger 

 Most people say I'm:





Still want to hear more?

I'm a homebody based out of Kansas City, MO, where I live with my handsome husband and spend most of my free time making puns, eating chocolate chip cookies, and writing children's stories because I'm still in the process of deciding if I'm 5 or 95.  According to my birth certificate I'm something like 22, but I don't think that matters very much.


I've fallen in love with photography several times in my life. The first time when I was given a disposable camera at five-years-old and wasted almost an entire roll of film on my pet rabbit.  I fell in love again at fourteen-years-old when my older sisters convinced me to take artsy pictures for their myspace accounts.  I fell in love a third time when my older brother bought me my first "real" camera in high school, and I started taking "edgy" pictures of my friends with glitter and foil pieces glued to their faces.  Yet, I fell in love with photography the hardest when the friend who would become my husband told me not to be afraid of it, and that it was worth pursuing as a career.  


Over the years, I've been involved in so many different shoots that I've lost count.  I've done everything from newborns to fashion editorials, yet I've found that nothing fills me with as much joy and gratitude at the end of the day as getting to photograph couples in love. 


I'm not here for stiff or awkward poses. I'm also not here for what's "in" at the moment.  I'm here for the same reason you are--I'm here for the REAL love stuff.  I'm here for passionate kisses, wind-blown hair, boots caked in mud, and sun-soaked afternoons.  I'm here for quirky, crazy, beautiful, passionate love. Nothing makes my heart beat faster.



Hope Renae Tolbert