what to expect before the



I've said I'm a great artist, a great business owner, but I'm a TERRIBLE salesperson. So, I'm not going to try and upsell you later on or convince you to buy something you don't need. If your ceremony runs over time, I'm not going to bill you later. Wedding finances are stressful, so I promise to be completely upfront from the get-go on what it will cost. What you see in your contract is what you'll pay--no surprises! 


I only require a $500 down payment to reserve your date--the rest isn't due until two weeks before your wedding day! Gone are the days of sending checks through the mail and signing paper contracts! When you're ready to book, I'll send you an invoice you can pay via credit or debit card right away. Your payment will be processed securely through Stripe--I won't be that vendor who asks you to Venmo me. Your digital contract will show up in your inbox as well, and all you have to do is read it and sign electronically! Super easy.


Playing hard to get might work well in the dating realm, but in wedding planning it's the worrrsssttt. So, I'll answer your emails as quickly as I can because I know it will make your life ten times easier!


While I recommend hiring a planner, or at the very least, a day of coordinator, I have been through my fair share of weddings and would love to review your timeline before the day arrives! I'm also happy to answer any questions like, "HOPE. Receiving line. We don't want to do one, but we should probably talk to our guests. HELP." I got you.

what to expect on the



Hopefully by this point we've had the chance to meet at your engagement session--if not, well, I'll be that girl who shows up in tennis shoes, a fun skirt, and a camera bag! First things first I'll say hello, then I'll start photographing your beautiful venue and all the details!


I'm actually very proud of my ability to get quality family formals. At my last four weddings, I've had multiple guests (and in particular mothers of the bride) pull me over to thank me for being so organized, professional, and relaxed during formals. I'm good at being directive while still being kind. Family formals don't show up on Instagram much, but they are so valuable. I'm dead set on making them a positive experience that gets a thumbs up from your mama!


Every couple needs a photographer to hype. Them. Up. You'll know when we've hit that sweet spot in the portrait session when I start jumping up and down and saying "YESSSSS!!!!" I really love what I do, I'm sure I'll really love you, so I just won't be able to contain my excitement.


I've been doing this for awhile, and that experience has taught me to pay attention to what's going on so I know when to chat it up with the bridesmaids, when to get to know your mom, when to hype you up during portaits, and when it's best for me to hang back a bit and capture the moments as they happen naturally. I've also been dubbed "the photogaphy ninja" by multiple couples in the past for my stealthy ceremony skills. 


Cameras can be intimidating. I think a wedding should feel like a wedding, not a press conference. I'm a minimalist when it comes to my gear--I believe it's better to have a few top-of-the-line cameras and lenses that I know how to use extremely well as opposed to bulky and excessive tripods, battery grips, dollies, and LED pop-off screens. Those things don't impact the final image, but they can make the experience overwhelming. Additionally, I'm extremely confident photographing solo, and I only recommend adding a second photographer when absolutely necessary (which is rare in my opinion!).


When I show up, you'll find that I have a very relaxed demeanour. Extra stress never made anyone's wedding better. Your makeup artist went over time? Welp. I won't complain--instead I'll be the one to get us back on track. And I'll probably ask for a high-five when I do it.  I've literally recreated whole wedding day schedules on the day of due to unexpected circumstances (think lost groom, lost rings, etc.). I love it when a couple says, "HOPE. We couldn't have done this without you!"

what to expect after the



Every wedding I photograph is edited in a completely customized scheme, and I do it all myself. I don't have a one click preset that I apply to all of my images because I want your album to beautifully and artistically represent how your wedding day felt. This is what gives my images that heirloom, painterly feel. The industry standard for photo returns is 6  to 8 weeks, but quality images and quality customer service is the only way we roll around here, so your images will be in your hands in only 4 to 6 weeks!


When I'm finished culling, editing, and perfecting your photos, you'll get an email from me with a special link that takes you to your completed wedding day album. You'll be able to look through them at your own pace download them as many times as you like in full-resolution for printing or web-resolution for social media posts. You can even share your link with friends or family members!


Your wedding photos come with full personal printing rights. This means you can print them wherever you like whenever you like. I'll give you some suggestions are printers I trust, but you can also order prints through my shop directly from your online album. Again, super easy.


I love seeing my couples share their wedding pictures on Instagram and Facebook, and especially all the love they get from friends and family!