Q: What makes you special?

A: My **sparkling** personality. Aaannnddd my unique and extra editing style! Every wedding or engagement session I shoot is edited specifically to capture the personality of the couple and the feeling of the day. Before I planned on becoming a photographer, I wanted to be a watercolor artist. When I sit down to edit, I do a run through of my favorite photos from the day and edit a few drafts based on my knowledge of color theory to create a unique mood. Then I edit the rest in a similar vibe so everything's cohesive and beautiful. In practicality, this means that if you have some gorgeous red hair, I'll create a new editing scheme with subtle green undertones to flatter you specifically. If your wedding colors are navy and rose, I'll work navy into the shadows of your images. My goal is to create images that draw you in, and that requires a little more attention to detail.  I often hear that my pictures "are really different and almost like a painting or movie poster, but it's hard to figure out why." Welp. That'd be why! Again, when it comes to my pictures, I'm nothing if not extra.


Q: How soon before our wedding should we book you?

A: Honestly, as soon as you can! I have some brides book me almost two years in advance, I take a maximum of only 20 weddings a year, and I try to avoid shooting more than one wedding in a single weekend because I want to make sure I'm not spreading myself thin in my work. All that to say, please don't wait to reach out! 

Q: Do you travel?

A: I sure do! However, I only take on a few weddings outside of the Missouri/Arkansas area a year or else I really start missing Davis and Nessie, so try to reach out as soon as you can! I also take on a few destination weddings every year, so if you want to travel somewhere special, let me know, and we can party and take pictures and all that good stuff. Typically, if I can drive to you I charge about $0.54 per mile round-trip for weddings outside of the Springfield/Branson, MO area.


Q: Do you shoot with a second photographer or by yourself?

A: I usually shoot all on my own. Every photo you see on my website, blog, and all other social media was taken and edited by me. I'm 100% comfortable shooting on my own (and usually prefer it), but if a second shooter is important to you, then we can make that happen! No matter what, every photo taken is edited by me so your wedding album will feel beautifully cohesive.


Q: Do you help plan the wedding day?

A: I am by no means a wedding planner, BUT I have been involved in my fair share of weddings.  I ask that you have a wedding day schedule and shot list drafted no later than 3 weeks before the wedding and sent to my inbox.  I'll look over everything and point out anything that may be problematic from a photographer's stand-point. 


Q: What's in your camera bag?

A: Three Nikon camera bodies, a wide-angle Nikon lens, my nifty fifty (Nikon 50 mm f1.8) lens, a telephoto Nikon lens, a Nikon speedlight flash, multiple back-up batteries, chargers, back-up SD cards, and a collection of random things brides have needed on the wedding day, like music, wooden hangers, etc. I probably have some pretzel M&M's in there too because YUM.


Q: How many final images will we receive? 

A: It's a little different for every wedding, but I try to stay between 700 and 1,000 final images.


Q: How long will it take to get our images back? 

A: 4-6 weeks or sooner if I'm being extra freaky fast! To put that in perspective, the industry standard is 6-8 weeks. That's right. Your girl is crazy efficient because I know waiting is the worst!


Q: Do you take formal family photos on the wedding day?

A: Absolutely! You won't see formal family shots in my blog posts because I like to keep those semi-private for the family, but I think the family shots are just as important and will be sure to capture them in a way that gets a thumbs up from your mama! I'll ask you to create a list of family shots you would like taken so we can make sure we get what you want. 


Q: Can I see a full, delivered wedding album?

A: Sure can! Just let me know that you'd like to see one when you inquire, and I'll be sure to send one to you! 


Q: When's a good time to take engagement photos?

A: There's no set time, but I think 3 to 6 months before the big day works well!


Q: Do we get printing rights?

A: Heck yeah you get printing rights! You can also order prints directly through your digital album when it's delivered! 


Q: Do we get all of the original RAW images?

A: You get the hundreds of really pretty edits that I'll send you, but not the unedited originals. Honestly, you probably wouldn't want them anyway because I shoot with the intention of editing, so I shoot warm and underexposed (This is on purpose. I could get really technical here, but I'll spare you). And, horror of horrors, unedited pictures can be stolen and re-edited as someone else's. It happens. I'm really careful about protecting my brand because it's my baby!


Q: How quickly do you respond to emails?

A: Fast! I check my email multiple times a day. To me being professional means doing a good job, being efficient, helpful, and available. 


Q: Can we talk before booking?

A: Absolutely! I'm always up for a phone call! I want to make sure you're 100% comfortable booking me before we sign that contract. I also totally get it if you want to skip right ahead to the contract--I was engaged my final year of college while running this whole business thing, so I get what it's like to just need to get stuff done.


Q: What's the booking process?

A: It's super easy! I'll send a contract to your email for you to sign (Electronic signatures are totally fine!). You'll get an invoice for a down payment (only $500) in your inbox that you can pay via credit, debit, or check. That's it!


Q: Have you ever had a disappointed couple?

A: Nope! I'm really grateful and happy to say that all of my couples have LOVED their wedding pictures! That's why I encourage couples to only book me if they're truly excited about my work. There are tons of great wedding photographers to choose from, so I want to make sure that my style is is what my couples want! I also shot portraits professionally for seven years before taking on weddings because I wanted to be absolutely sure that I was up for the challenge.


Q: Hope! I'm not photogenic at all!!! Should I be nervous?

A: I totally feel you! I feel suuuuppppeeeerrrr awkward when people take my picture. Trust me, I get you! If you've ever done family pictures or senior pictures, this will be nothing like that. It'll mostly be you and your person having a great time and enjoying one another, and of course, me being an absolute dork. None of the couples on my website or Insta are models--just normal people that I take pretty awesome pictures of! My couples always tell me that shooting with me is a breeze, so we should be good!


Q: Can we bring our dogs to our engagement session?


Q: What's the best thing about being a wedding photographer?

A: Honestly? Pretty much everything. The significance of the ceremony, the fun of the reception, my awesome couples, flowers everywhere, cake, getting to see the final gallery come together, all of it. I like to imagine that someday I'll be a little old grandma at a nursing home who still photographs weddings, so I'll have my assistant come pick me up and wheel me around at the wedding so I can get some rad ceremony shots. This job is honestly my dream come true.


Q: What's the worst thing about being a wedding photographer?

A: Ugh. This one's easy. I'm so used to people making out and all that jazz, so I kind of forget that that level of PDA isn't necessarily normal or encouraged in day to day life, so I'm totally that girl that kisses her husband on the street, at church, at family functions, etc. I don't mean to be that person, but it is what it is, and it's the worst. (But also not really the worst because Davis is pretty cute. If anyone deserves PDA, it's him.)

Q: What's your deepest, darkest secret?

A: Davis was out of town last week, I was all caught up on work, and so I watched 2 seasons of Outlander in 4 days. That's 26 hours of watching Scottish accents, duels, and kissing, and I'm still ashamed but also impressed with myself.


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